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Charles Stross on Steampunk

Charles Stross takes a swing at the current iteration of the steampunk fad. [Full post is here.] This part gave me the giggles:

That leaves the aesthetic ... which I can't find anything intrinsically wrong with, as long as steampunk is nothing more than what happens when goths discover brown. Viewed as a fashion trend for corsets and top hats, steampunk is no more harmful than a fad for Che Guevara tee shirts, or burkas, or swastikas; just another fashion trend riffing thoughtlessly off stuff that went away for a reason (at least in the developed world).

Heh. ". . . what happens when goths discover brown."

(Giggles again.)

The Neil on Arthur

For those of you who missed it yesterday...

They Live...

TV:  Join us July 15th at 10pm for Daryl Hall and John Oates, live at the Troubadour.

Pasley: Shouldn't 'live' be in quotes?

Happy Birthday Pasley!

HAPPY (mumblemumble)th BIRTHDAY to the swellest gal around! You're smart, sexy, sweet, funny, beautiful, talented, and -- yay! -- mine.

Missed opportunity

While looking up some song chords, I found an announcement that Kate Rusby's having a concert in Montreal...

... a week-and-a-half ago.

Well, crap.

We're back

Online, that is. Virus (hopefully) eliminated.
I had the pleasure of hearing Peter read half of this story at Worldcon this past summer. At the time, he lamented that the copyright issues would likely prevent it from ever being published.

This is John Carpenter's The Thing retold from an unusual perspective, with surprising results. If you're a fan of the original, please check out The Things.
More on this story and links for donations to Peter's legal defense fund can be found here and here. Toronto Star article here.

Peter's own account and update.

Jesus H. Christ.